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CSR Performance and Awards in 2019
CSR Performance and Awards in 2018
CSR Performance and Awards in 2017

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站 2018年 2019 2018 2017 2018年

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Top 30 Among Chinese Top 300 Companies in CSR Index

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Evergreen Award of GoldenBee CSR Report Honor Roll 2019

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Excellence Award for Responsible Company and Five-star Certificate of CSR Report Rating at China Social Responsibility 100-People Forum

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Excellent Enterprise Award for Overseas Sustainable Practice of 2019 Global Corporate Sustainable Competitiveness Summit

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站2019 China Top 100 Sustainable Development Enterprises selected by China Business Council for Sustainable Development and China Enterprise Confederation

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站2019 Top 100 Brand Models of Chinese Brands selected by China Media Group

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站101st among Fortune Global 500

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Grade A in the 2017 performance evaluation on executives of centrally-administrated SOEs

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Award of “Most Respected Listed Companies by Investors 2017”

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Three employees were honored the title of “National Skilled Worker in Transportation Technology”

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站14 subsidiaries won the honorary title of Fifth Session “National Civilized Unit”

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Two primary Party committees were recognized as one of the first Exemplary Primary Party Committees of Centrally-administrated SOEs

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站The “R&D and application of large-scale modern coal-to-oil/olefin equipment set” and “R&D and engineering demonstration of 600 MW supercritical circulating fluidized bed boiler” projects both won the first prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站First Golden Steed Award for “Top Listed Companies with Best CSR Reputations”

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站Swirling dry coal powder gasifier won Chinese Patent Golden Award

澳门新葡8455最新网站,澳门葡萄京官方网站One of its subsidiaries won the highest honor in Indonesia’s electricity sector: Most Innovative Electricity Companies 2017

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